Beat Up

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Three shows in and we get to the much needed day off.  In Richmond.  Finally.

I’m not sure people understand how much this gig beats you up.  Obviously playing the show is a physical thing…. I mean just standing for three hours is a physical endurance test.  Hang a twenty-five pound guitar around your neck and stand for that long.  Then there’s singing.  And in my case, screaming.  Then there’s jumping.  Every time that jumping stuff starts I’m thinking, “This could be it right here.  The last hurrah.  The final frontier.  The buying of the farm.”

I know this is going to sound like the wimpiest thing in the world, but there are two Victim songs where I wakawakawak the wah-wah pedal all the way through, so I’m basically standing on the other foot for the whole song… and my calf is killing me half-way through.  And my wah-wah foot cramps sometimes.

First world problems, or what?

On top of the three hour show there’s at least an hour of sound check as well.  And the in-ear monitors on the third day are like twisting thumb screws into the side of your head.

But hey now that the gig is over we can relax on the bus… which means sleeping in a box that’s exactly as long as your height (in my case anyway), that’s too small to sit upright in, on a two inch mattress that’s no more than a few inches above the rear tires which roar at about 80 db.  Every exit ramp, or rest stop, or traffic light is a wake-up jostle.  The temperature inside can vary anywhere between 50 and 80 degrees.  It’s like a road case for the musicians.

I’m not whining.

Okay, maybe I am a little bit.  All I’m saying is that the day off is welcome.  My body is beat up.  From the outside touring may seem like all sorts of glamour but it’s hell out here.  🙂

That said, the show last night was way more comfortable.  Being the third night it was the second time we played a lot of the new tunes and as such there was less concern about getting them right and more ability to relax into the cool stuff they have to offer.  And it’s only going to get better in that regard.

Okay, I need to sink back into my coma.  Only a few hours to go before we start all over again!!

Did anyone watch the new Star Trek Discovery premier?

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