Well last night was the first night of tour and I have to say that it was… ok. I’m my own worst critic of course. We encored with Mound and it was not as good as I had hoped. We were sailing through the middle section and near the end I got lost and couldn’t keep up. It’s like there’s a threshold of how fast I can make each of those chords sound and last night’s tempo was just beyond that threshold. So I have some work to do to get it under my fingers so that the tempo should be irrelevant.

Everything else was pretty good with a few stand out moments. Tom was on fire last night! The crowd was very receptive and responsive to everything we were doing. We got some good feedback on our vocals.

The town was nice even though it was a drizzly day. I recommend The Sustainable Table. Great food all locally grown with vegan or gluten free options for most of the menu items.

Tonight we’re in Acadia, CA at the Van Duzer Theater right on the Humboldt State University campus. I’m blogging from Couple Cups, a nice coffee shop with good breakfast sandwiches and great coffee.

I can’t wait to play Mound again though it probably won’t be tonight. But let me at that b!#@%!!!!


9 thoughts on “Eugene

  1. Scott,
    This is your dream come true! Enjoy every minute of this fantastic experience. You earned this place in your life now! Awesome.

  2. love mound! i watched it on youtube & thought it was great for it’s first play…looking forward to hearing it morph into what it will knowing you are challenged by it ; )

  3. Scott – great run at the Mound and definitely passable for the first time played live.

    Fish gave an interview in a drumming magazine a few months ago and said that Mike got either ahead or behind the tempo when they busted out Mound at Red Rocks

  4. I have not heard the song mound, but I have seen those fingers in action. There is not much of a threshold for what they can play dude!!!

    Peace (It is the key)!!

    Take Care,

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