So it was a pretty long night; a long ride to New York. I had to run some errands (had to buy new pants among other things) so I got on the road late and got to the city late. I was so late that the hotel had canceled my reservation but they were nice and gave me a room.

After I worked all day, the band had rehearsal. It was great. It’s so cool to practice one song for that long. Mike’s been listening to some mixes of our live shows from last tour so his ear is in hyper mode right now so he was paying extra attention to the smallest of details. It’s cool because we dial in the stuff that’s supposed to be tight like vocal harmonies and pitch and phrasing and inflection and it all comes together and gets very polished but then during the jams we just rage! And of course with four minutes to play the jams are very short so it’s like we’ve got eight bars to rage here and another eight bars here. Ready? Go.

Once all that stuff was figured out then we played it and played it and then listened back to the tape and played it again. It’s the way every song should be rehearsed really, if there were enough time.

So then we took a break and got some dinner. And a couple hours later we went back and played it one more time. Okay maybe two. And that’s it. We’ve got it down. And at the end of each time we did the song, or most of the times, there was something to tweak; something to add or change to make it perfect. And it still raged!

I’m not as nervous. In fact I would say that yesterday I was more excited than nervous. Just that little thing that happens in the pit of my stomach. You know that thing… when you’re about to do something you don’t normally do. Something sick. Something big.


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