Fallon Part 1

It’s Wednesday, two days before our TV appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show. I am already nervous! Of course the experience wouldn’t be complete without some sort of drama. I lost a filling last week in this stump of a tooth that was already X’d on my dental chart, meaning that it was going to be extracted anyway. So this morning I got my tooth pulled. There is something intense about the pain that happens after an extraction when the novocaine wears off. It’s like a burning pain or something. Anyway, I’m sure it will be fine by tomorrow.

We’ve got four minutes to work with. It’s unbelievable how nervous I can get over something that lasts four minutes! Of course this is being broadcast all over the WORLD for four minutes. No big deal, right?

But it’s such a different situation than getting ready for tour. We’ve selected the song and worked out a 3.5 minute arrangement already. Now it’s just polish work. We’ve discussed adding some guitar shredding at the end as well as some vocal improvisations by Mike. We’re rehearsing tomorrow night to really get it tight. And I guess we’ll be running the tune repeatedly on Friday before the taping so we should have it all under our belts by the time that four minutes actually happens.

But then there’s wardrobe. What do I wear? Obviously the very best of what I have. I have a black shirt that I got from Cheryl that is the nicest in my closet but I’m also bringing a maroon shirt as well, just in case they say, no black, or something stupid.

I’ve got a pair of jeans that I’m bringing, actually a couple pairs, but I think I’m shopping for new jeans tonight. The pair I like the best has rips in the knees.

I think I need all new strings on the guitar too. Just to make everything perfect. I should also look into which of my pedalboard cables was acting up on me last weekend. The last thing I need is technical issues.

I head to New York tonight. I’ll work during the day tomorrow and then rehearse tomorrow night. I also want to watch the show tonight and tomorrow night just so I’m current. I did some research on Fallon already and now I want to research his guests that night, Adam Sandler and Aziz Ansari.

Then Friday we go to NBC at 10 am. Ok, just typing that gets me more nervous!


34 thoughts on “Fallon Part 1

  1. Chillax Scott. You’ve played many crowds and TV is no different just concentrate on the music and look at thed crowd as opposed to the cameras and you’ll be fine. We’ve all had our share of stage fright and you’re gonna kick ass man….

  2. How about those favorite pair of ripped jeans, and whatever shirt you love the most. I just HAVE to believe you would be more comfortable playing in clothes that made you feel more comfortable. Think about it… How would your playing sound if you wore something like a suit of armor? Probably not that good..
    I just wouldn’t stress about clothes, or people, or anything.. I’d just focus on being comfortable and happy with what you’re going on there to do in the first place…

    But that’s just my opinion 🙂

  3. So exciting, Scott! IMHO, part of what makes MGB so awesome is that whisper of spontaneity in every musical turn, so even if it doesn’t go exactly as planned/practiced, it will still be awesome, and no one will be the wiser but you. Can’t wait to see this go down! Rock on! … and have a blast!
    P.S. My vote is for the black shirt… 😉

  4. I’ll have to record it, Scott. I’m excited for you. EVERYBODY WILL BE JUDGING YOUR EVERY MOVE! hahahah no sweat, man… have a couple drinks, take some deep breaths, and tear ass. We all know how good you are… show the WORLD.

  5. You’ll be fine…scrap the rehearsal…just break into ‘Just a Rose’ and let the vocals fly…then break in to a mad solo on the strings…the audience will go wild and they’ll be talking about it forever.

    Cheers…get your ass back to RI (Your old wheelchair super fan)

  6. what an xciting adventure!!!!!!!
    the best part is that part that is not known (said from someone NOT going on TV friday)
    ~; b hee ❤

  7. Put that tooth under you pillow tonight…or perhaps not. We’ve seen YOUR tooth fairy.
    If you get nervous, imagine Mike naked.

    “Avoid wearing black, white, or red on television or video. Even the best of cameras have trouble with these colors. ”
    …buy a new shirt!

    You’ll be great, but if you screw up, you’ll get a lot more attention. Doesn’t matter what they’re saying about you as long as they’re talking about you, right?

  8. So excited for you Scott!!! The world is about to get a taste of some really sweeeeet stuff!!! Setting the DVR as we speak. (; Okay, don’t wear anything too dark or with stripes. AND Smile!!! :)b

  9. Way to go Scott! Of all the Late Night shows Fallon “seems” like the most laid back (and most into music) and best fit for you guys. I can’t wait to watch you guys

  10. You’re sounding very humble, and that’s the key! Share your gift once again with the world. 4 minutes, on stage, what a tease! You’ll be wanting more in the end and so will us all! Good luck and make it happen!
    Wardrobe thoughts… black looks burgundy under certain lights~right? 🙂 and straight leg jeans from now on k! lol! Have fun! ~Amp

  11. Scott, you will do just fine. Cant wait to see you on the show. Just give them half the proformance you gave us last weekend and you will knock them over

  12. Jimmy is probably a fan. I just watched him do Top Chef last night and he was very cool to all the Cheftestants and didnt want to send anyone home. Im sure you’ll feel right at home when your on stage and playing to the TV audience. My guess is most of them wont know of Phish, Mike Gordon or Max Creek . Forget about it being broadcast you cant see us out there in our homes.

  13. It’s great that you still get nervous! Probably means that it’s still enjoyable and exciting to you, after all these years. Gotta have those butterflies to carry you higher! Have a blast, Scott! Congratulations! You make us all proud.

  14. Hey Scott, congrats! I’ll be on TV tomorrow too on the Better CT show! Very cool that teacher and student will be on TV the same day. Just remember, “you’ll play everything perfectly”. I just keep telling myself that over and over, and the nerves seem to go away. Hope to see you soon. Peace.

  15. Wait, you’re planning the improvisations?! Maybe that word doesn’t mean what I thought it did… 😉

    Have fun, Scott!

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  18. Just finished watching…great choices all around ! You looked pretty relaxed (although we were left wanting more!!) Can’t wait to see you all in Portland at the end of the month.

  19. Yay!!! Very fun show… and that Aziz guy is quite a character, eh? haha We were so Xcited for you guys. You and Blonde looked and sounded great up there!!! Only wish Jimmy’s format allowed for 2 songs!!! Now, I think you’re ready for the Big Screen. 🙂

  20. Yay Scotty!! You guys rocked it and looked very relaxed. So happy to see you continue to get the recognition you so deserve. Cheers and good luck on the tour.

  21. that was a great performance! have to say, imho, you’ll never shine with gordon as you do with creek.

    black shirt looked good. for some reason though all that talk about what to wear conjured up an image i’ll never forget- red tee, boston harbor (i believe) and those sunglasses … yahoo!!

    congrats on all the very well deserved success. enjoy : )

  22. Scott, you guys sounded great. The mix from our side of the broadcast
    was so well done. Nicely balanced. Good song choice and you guys looked great.
    Very well done. You should be proud.

  23. Hope the tooth is better now. Husband had 6 teeth extracted and is going for
    the implants. All too familiar with extraction at this point. If you go with implants
    for replacement, make sure you do some good research. A good dentist can do a great
    job, a poorly informed or experienced one can cause undue discomfort.
    Good luck!

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