Well it’s been a while. How ya been?

It was a pretty mellow summer for me music wise. For the most part there were only Max Creek gigs and they were largish festivals. We played Nateva which was awesome and we had our usual Gathering Of The Vibes slot. I also got to play Moe.down with the Mike band which was very cool.

One interesting thing I did was to record some instructional video footage for BreakDownWay.com. You can check the first installment out here. It’s a very cool site with some great instructors and I happen to be the first electric guitar instructor on the site. It was an interesting experience which I’ll try and share at some point in a future entry.

The other important news is that Mike band is going back on tour in November! We’ll be starting in L.A. and working our way east over the course of two and half weeks. I’m looking forward the getting the tour blog up and running again! Woo hoo! I’ve posted the individual dates on ScottMurawski.com and you can see the dates on Mike’s website. In fact he’s got the tour announcement video up there now. It’s really cool!

I hope this finds you well! Check out BreakDownWay.com when you get a chance. See you on the road!


6 thoughts on “Tidbits

  1. i’m great, thx for askin. ~; b
    just watched mike’s vid and was wholly inspired to buy the disc and a ticket to paradise ❤ wooohooooooo

  2. Hi Scott! I caught your moe.down set with Mike and even got to say hi to your family–that was a fun gig. I can’t wait for more Mike shows, but like Jeff (above) asks…when is your next NYC show? Would love for Creek to rock the city!! See you on the road!

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