Charlottesville (VA)

I love Charlottesville, or at least that little section of it that I saw which was the walk-in mall in the center of town. Lots of nice shops and coffee places.

I have to say that I loved the sound check yesterday way more than the show. The sound check was just magical. We were working on various things and the sound was awesome and everybody was playing cool things. Creative ideas were just falling out of my fingers. I love that feeling.

After sound check most everyone went out to eat but I was still full from lunch so I went to a tea place instead and ordered some Yunnan Velvet Tips, a rich smokey tea with lots of caffeine. I skyped with Cheryl for a bit while listening to some musicians warming up, or rather, appearing to warm up by playing and singing along with some tabla loops and what sounded like hurdy gurdy loops.

I probably shouldn’t have had 5 or 6 cups of the YVT but I did. I didn’t feel jacked on caffeine or anything, but when I got on stage it felt forced; somehow the magic of soundcheck had lessened. The crowd seemed tougher than usual. They were paying such close attention and seemed to be into it but when we’d finish a song there was very little response.

Which isn’t to say the music was bad. There were definitely some nuggets in there. 15 Steps, our Radiohead cover, came out very well and had a great jam at the end, and we inserted my Emotional Railroad into a Traveled Too Far sandwich and that was really good.

After the show, on the bus, Maresca put in “It Might Get Loud” which is the movie of Jimmy Page, Jack White and The Edge talking about guitars. It was great to watch. It reminds me of an aspect of being a guitar player that I forget about sometimes which is cranking it up and putting a ton of effects on. Ahhhhhh.


3 thoughts on “Charlottesville (VA)

  1. Hey Scott! Ted from Hagerstown, MD. here! I’m on ur myspace friends list. Caught you guys last fall in Falls Church & Pittsburg. Just saw you in Stroudsburg & Charlottesville. Loivng every minute of it! I’m sorry to hear that C-ville was not ur best show because for me it was the best one yet. Falls Church last year was a total blast but the set list & the emotion I was feeling at Charlottesville was incredible. I admit I was too intoxicated at Stroudsburg to have really retained much. That town was really cool. Next time you go there check out the Sarah Street Grill. A great place behind the theater where mostly locals go. They had an awesome video stream of vintage rock performances on big screens. Old Ike & Tina clips, CCR, James Brown. it was great! They also had a great looking sushi bar if you dig that. I drank a bit too much there. Something I deeply regretted the next day. I made sure to maintain at C-ville so as to not miss a single note. Yall blew me away. People were going crazy after that 1st set! More than one person told me they had no idea that MGB rocked so hard & that they will not miss any shows from now on. Yall killed it brother! C-ville raged! I’m so sorry I missed Philly! Sounds like it was phenominal. Anyway thank you so much for this awesome tour blog. Keep rockin’ man! Thank you!

  2. If it felt off to you it may have been because UVA was on spring break, so the youthful energy may have been missing. I’m sorry to hear you guys felt off, but seriously, from the perspective of a guy who works in an office all day, it was definitely a magical release. No worries man, you have to think in terms of the people who work in cubes and walk around on pale blue carpet and look at computer screens all day. I loved the show.

  3. Scott–you are AMAZING!!!! I absolutely LOVED the show and I’m so sorry you felt C’ville was a tough crowd. When everyone was leaving–the talk on the walk was how great a show it was. I was standing next to a couple that drove an hour and a half to see you guys! It was great and I hope you come back despite the lack of response you may have felt. I for one don’t dance much at concerts, I’m so into watching you guys, just mesmerized, I guess, maybe everyone else was as well! đŸ™‚

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