I love Charlottesville, or at least that little section of it that I saw which was the walk-in mall in the center of town. Lots of nice shops and coffee places.

I have to say that I loved the sound check yesterday way more than the show. The sound check was just magical. We were working on various things and the sound was awesome and everybody was playing cool things. Creative ideas were just falling out of my fingers. I love that feeling.

After sound check most everyone went out to eat but I was still full from lunch so I went to a tea place instead and ordered some Yunnan Velvet Tips, a rich smokey tea with lots of caffeine. I skyped with Cheryl for a bit while listening to some musicians warming up, or rather, appearing to warm up by playing and singing along with some tabla loops and what sounded like hurdy gurdy loops.

I probably shouldn’t have had 5 or 6 cups of the YVT but I did. I didn’t feel jacked on caffeine or anything, but when I got on stage it felt forced; somehow the magic of soundcheck had lessened. The crowd seemed tougher than usual. They were paying such close attention and seemed to be into it but when we’d finish a song there was very little response.

Which isn’t to say the music was bad. There were definitely some nuggets in there. 15 Steps, our Radiohead cover, came out very well and had a great jam at the end, and we inserted my Emotional Railroad into a Traveled Too Far sandwich and that was really good.

After the show, on the bus, Maresca put in “It Might Get Loud” which is the movie of Jimmy Page, Jack White and The Edge talking about guitars. It was great to watch. It reminds me of an aspect of being a guitar player that I forget about sometimes which is cranking it up and putting a ton of effects on. Ahhhhhh.