Well, the first show is over and what a great time I had!

I had had a miserable couple of days. It seems that lately right before I get sick I get a real bad attitude about things. Everything seems to frustrate me. And that’s the kind of days I had before last night.

But once the band hit the stage it was immediate stress relief for me. I felt relaxed and comfortable and was using the angst I had felt to my advantage. That’s one of the great things about playing music, the release of it all. After each set last night I felt great weights lifted and I could feel my spirits lifting and the stress dissolving.

The band sounded great right out of the gate. We were firing on all cylinders right from the first song. Everyone was playing off of each other and there were great dynamics. The show was sold out and when we hit the stage we got a great response. The whole room was crackling with energy.

I really enjoyed the vocals last night as well. Some of the harmonies that I heard us doing gave me chills.

But the best part of last night for me was the lights. We’ve got Liggy doing our lights and he is so creative and so about creating a mood for us to create music in. He had all kinds of props around the stage: little flowers on sticks, pussy willows, butterflies, all dayglow, so that when the black lights were turned on it looked amazing. Plus he had these lasers that were exploding on people’s faces and whatnot. And finally at the end, dayglow bubbles. The bubbles were cool but they got dayglow crud all over our instruments. I loved it but others were concerned about their gear. Could be the end of the bubbles, or maybe they’ll be re-aimed to hit the crowd. I told Rachel and Mike, our equipment techs, not to clean my guitar or pedal board. I want those bubbles!!

And another really cool aspect of the show was the smell machines. We turn them on for a couple of key tunes and they basically can fill the room with a particular scent within a few seconds.

The beautiful thing about Mike and this band is that we’re always pushing the limits and trying to create new experiences for folks coming to the show. Mike is an artist in the truest sense of the word and it comes out in everything he does, and it’s great to be a part of it and to be a contributor to it.

As I write I’m in Au Bon Pain down the street from Toad’s Place, tonight’s venue. It’s in the upper 50s today in New Haven and I was waling around earlier. It really makes me miss living in the city. There’s something about the spirit of the city that I love. I grew up in the county but lived in Providence for a couple of years and I really really enjoyed it. I loved waking up and looking out my window onto a city street watching people walk by. I felt that energy today walking around New Haven.

Today’s question is: what is your favorite city and why?

Ok, sound check is in a few minutes. Enjoy the day!!


19 thoughts on “Troy!

  1. city life agreed but the waterfall in the secret gorge in granby cct just tells you its the country all the way……and yyourr energy; the energy of max creek has big-time city lights in the jams but scott has a laid back country side music isnt always about howw much chops you have its also about grace love that feeling you get when you play it and listen to it…and well mike even makes films he IS an artist SO ARE YOU SCOTT!

  2. Scott,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. Wish I still lived in CT so I could come see you at Toad’s. I have great memories of seeing Creek there back in the late 80’s. (Was that really over 20 years ago??)

    My favorite city is San Francisco, even though I live in Los Angeles. She’ll always be my favorite because she was really my first experience of truly city living. To walk outside, in February (being a native nutmegger) and see flowers and people smiling and birds chirping and palm trees…it was just amazing to me and I’ll never forget my first year living there (was there 4) as it was just so, so wonderful.

    Keep on keepin’ on!! 🙂

  3. Scent Machine? i wonder if Furthur has one of them….right before they started in Ithaca the venue smelled like bacon (and i dont mean Cops), yet there was no food being sold…WEIRD

  4. you guys were on fire right from the start last night & sounding the best i’ve had the experienced to hear. i could only smell the ‘cut grass’ which was really nice to smell & not feel the need to sneeze since i’m allergic to grass ; )

    after being in san fran last week i’d have to say it is favorite in my heart for this moment. i got to do lots of exploring & so loved just walking out of my hotel room and picking a street to go down for breakfast & finding some jewel of an eatery. the city energy is so enlivening & all those hills are such a great workout.

    wish i was at toads right now cause i can feel the energy permeating all the way to RI. psyched for pearl st. to see what a few shows under your belts will produce in the overall creative outcome…

  5. I hope those scent machines never get used at a Creek show! 🙂

    Thanks for the update. You write well, and it’s always interesting.

  6. A) San Francisco! Because of it’s beauty, uniqueness, and people. Plus there is so much to do.

    Would have loved to be at last nights show (in my former state, NY). Oregon to New York is a bit far for me to make it right now. Hoping for some CREEK shows in Rochester (or close to it) this fall. I plan to come back for that if it happens.

    Did I hear that BK3 might play the Oregon Country Fair again this summer?
    I sure hope so! Scott, you made quite an impression on Oregonians last summer! I have to say I was proud of the fact that you were getting a chance to shine, after seeing CREEK shows since ’81, I was in my glory! Some of the radio stations here even carried the show (BK3) LIVE on the air when you were here. Great show!

    Too bad about those dam bubbles! How’s the Guitar doing? Well, It’s not the gear that makes it great (although I’m sure it helps)……………..It’s the person playing it! Anyway Scott, enjoy the tour and thanks for doing this blog!
    See you around……Somewhere…. Peace and be well.

  7. I would have to say my favorite city is Portland Maine, The old port section is great, Good food and drink. Growing up in Maine, then moveing to New York, has made me relize the tru beuty of New England. Scott Just keep doing what you do best.

  8. OK, so it’s not a city, but Floyd VA. It’s way cool rural town off the Blue Ridge Parkway and it’s really happening with arts, music and cool little shops. If you ever get there (sun music hall, Floydfest perhaps?) you can enjoy your favorite blend at the above the moon cafe. Floyd is about in the middle of the county named the same. Geographically it’s a mountain top plateau with small mountains on it, and it’s on a continental divide where all water originate in the county and flows out. Oh, and it’s 20-25 miles as the crow flies from Max Creek.

  9. Providence is my vote,a small city with big city fun.
    I admit I’m biased because I live here but you have to love that just about everything is a short walk from where you are. Also it helps that I had so many wednesdays at Lupo’s. Enjoy tour wish I could catch a show.

  10. First totally bummed I got shut out on tix for Revolution hall. I waited too long to see if Kim was going to be able to make it up. I snoozed and lost. Caught part of a choppy Iphone Ustream. I was hoping to get some good video like i did at FURTHUR Utica Sigh. (Irongirl99 on You Tube)

    Second here is the local paper’s review of the gig

    I have a couple of fav cites for various reasons. Boulder Colorado where I went to College, New York City for all it has to offer and of course Vegas, Baby. And I do like where I live right outside Saratoga NY. I’m a mere 3hr car ride to Boston, NYC, or Montreal. But we have no Trader Joes, Costco or Whole Foods.

  11. San Francisco…. no contest, although NYC is way cool too. I live in the woods and when I have the chance to stay in a really big city it is hard to sleep, so much to do, so much to see, at home there is nothing but nature… always love the contrast of going in for a few days and then coming home… love your blog, have a blast on tour 🙂

  12. New Haven is my fav city . I haven’t been many places outside of New England . I actually lived there for 2 years , 89-90 . Always something to do , a great energy with the 4-5 universities and colleges bringing in a soup of culture and color….things have radically changed in 20 years , and it’s not as warm a city as it used to be , but I still have fond memories , living there on my own. Quality ethnic restaurants, York Square cinema when it was open, yale library ,summer concerts on the green..hiking up east rock..The Palace..the guy that would feed the pigeons on Chapel at 6:30 am in the spring, hundreds of birds coming down to him as if he were the Piper…lots of stories…..hope this tour brings more fun than the last . 🙂

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