Well, the first show is over and what a great time I had!

I had had a miserable couple of days. It seems that lately right before I get sick I get a real bad attitude about things. Everything seems to frustrate me. And that’s the kind of days I had before last night.

But once the band hit the stage it was immediate stress relief for me. I felt relaxed and comfortable and was using the angst I had felt to my advantage. That’s one of the great things about playing music, the release of it all. After each set last night I felt great weights lifted and I could feel my spirits lifting and the stress dissolving.

The band sounded great right out of the gate. We were firing on all cylinders right from the first song. Everyone was playing off of each other and there were great dynamics. The show was sold out and when we hit the stage we got a great response. The whole room was crackling with energy.

I really enjoyed the vocals last night as well. Some of the harmonies that I heard us doing gave me chills.

But the best part of last night for me was the lights. We’ve got Liggy doing our lights and he is so creative and so about creating a mood for us to create music in. He had all kinds of props around the stage: little flowers on sticks, pussy willows, butterflies, all dayglow, so that when the black lights were turned on it looked amazing. Plus he had these lasers that were exploding on people’s faces and whatnot. And finally at the end, dayglow bubbles. The bubbles were cool but they got dayglow crud all over our instruments. I loved it but others were concerned about their gear. Could be the end of the bubbles, or maybe they’ll be re-aimed to hit the crowd. I told Rachel and Mike, our equipment techs, not to clean my guitar or pedal board. I want those bubbles!!

And another really cool aspect of the show was the smell machines. We turn them on for a couple of key tunes and they basically can fill the room with a particular scent within a few seconds.

The beautiful thing about Mike and this band is that we’re always pushing the limits and trying to create new experiences for folks coming to the show. Mike is an artist in the truest sense of the word and it comes out in everything he does, and it’s great to be a part of it and to be a contributor to it.

As I write I’m in Au Bon Pain down the street from Toad’s Place, tonight’s venue. It’s in the upper 50s today in New Haven and I was waling around earlier. It really makes me miss living in the city. There’s something about the spirit of the city that I love. I grew up in the county but lived in Providence for a couple of years and I really really enjoyed it. I loved waking up and looking out my window onto a city street watching people walk by. I felt that energy today walking around New Haven.

Today’s question is: what is your favorite city and why?

Ok, sound check is in a few minutes. Enjoy the day!!