Over The Top

I spent the day in Buffalo at Cheryl’s house and it was so nice and relaxing to be in someone’s home after being on the bus and in hotels for so long.  After sound check we went to a Thai restaurant with Mike and Julia, and then to a coffee place called The Spot.  Again, it was raining.

The Buffalo crowd was enthusiastic and the room sounded great.  I had lots of friends there from Rochester.  The band was tight and smooth.  People were yelling for my songs, so that was cool.

I think that the end of the tour was looming over the band and crew, and we were all savoring each moment of playing together.

We went out to see U-Melt afterward and saw a few friends there,  and then got on the bus bound for Burlington.

Burlington was a mix of emotions.  This was the end of the tour.  Everybody was collecting all the stuff they’d brought on the bus.  Most of the band and crew live in or around Burlington, so in the morning, nearly everyone had gone home to see their families.

We were all excited for the show.  We knew it’d be packed, and having played Higher Ground before, we knew the sound would be good.  There was the potential for lots of sit in guests, but we discussed this and decided on no guests.  We made the exception later on when we found out Page was coming and decided that he would be a notable exception to have play Sugar Shack with us.

While we were all excited, we were all sad as well.  The month was over, and of course it felt as though it had zipped by.

Just after noon, Julia came and picked me up.  We had lunch, and then went to Dobra Tea where we met Dave, who had dropped me off at the bus in Springfield.  We did some shopping in Burlington and then went to sound check.

Even at sound check, it felt like the hometown show.  Many close friends and family members were showing up, as well as lots of folks who had caught the first few shows of the tour.  (JMT!)

By showtime, the place was packed and we were ready to go.  It was hard not to put EVERY song on the set list!

The crowd was way into it and high energy, and there were a lot of people I could tell had not seen us yet.

Third song in, Page joined us for an extended version of Sugar Shack.  For a song that had given us (or me) so much trouble in the beginning, it was smooth and flowing and powerful.

The rest of the night was a culmination of everything we had done over the past month.  There were good dynamics, interesting jams, great energy and great communication.  We finally encored with C&C Music Factory’s Things That Make You Go Hmm, and it was over.

We hung out for a long time at Higher Ground, but eventually everything was removed from the bus, and everyone left to go home.

Dave drove me to my house.  We got there at 7 a.m. and I went into work at 10:30.  Sigh.


6 thoughts on “Over The Top

  1. welcome home.
    tours seem like they take forever, while your on the road, then when its over, it seems like a flashing second.
    have fun on halloween, and say hi to marc…

  2. i have had a great time reading your blogs!

    julia is an old acquaintance/friend of mine and it is such a trip reading about the adventures she partakes in! I really enjoy the peek behind the scenes from your perspective man.

    you have a natural knack for ‘blogging’ it seems, and i think you should continue.

    all the best!

  3. I want to go on record to say that I got in to work at the same time as you 🙂 … Is it still called a “ride of shame” if you don’t stop in any public places along the way (tree falling in the forest, nobody to hear it, that whole thing) ?

    I got all tingly being among these people in their home club … It reminded me of feelings from Creek home clubs in my past. But many of you reading this blog know exactly what that means. Rachel had her own cheering section when she went out to test the microphones before the 1st set. How cool is that ?

    This band appears to be an evolving organism that comes to life, rages and flourishes, and then burrows underground to hibernate for a season before being woken up to do it all again. That they can do it without even wiping the sleep out of their eyes is something special (even if we have already seen this behavior in a similar life form). Hmmm, I wonder what the Andelmans use for lawn fertilizer ?

    oops, I’m hijacking your blog. I be quite and go now.

  4. People were yelling for your songs in Buffalo???? It was probably those Rochester trouble makers. That sped up version of Emotional Railroad was killer by the way. Great show overall. The sound was a little sketchy in that room but you guys made it work. Good times……… good times.

  5. Aw,thanks for the shout out(you remembered 😉 ), but more importantly thanks for sharing a bit of your life on the road with us all & the day-to-day (night-to-night?) of the band.

    I loved hearing how the band progressed from first show to last. You guys sounded great, smooth in Burlington, and we all had a blast.

    Thanks for a great tour- was great to experience Burlington (& Woodstock… ) with you guys! Hope to hear more from all of you soon.

    -the “M” in JMT

  6. Burlington was indeed a high energy show and worth the drive for your NYC fans (Oh, I’ve realized I’ve traveled much too Far). It’s almost safe to say that the band which started the tour had completely metamorphosed over the 20+ tour date run this fall. We started in Williamsburg with an exceptionally tight band, and left with a groovingly-relaxed family of musicians–comfortable enough to ditch their skins and improvise on melody and group mind.

    I continue to listen to the tour non-stop (have mostly everything downloaded) and man, there are some real musical gems out there. You really brought the heat in the South–Atlanta, Jacksonville, Birmingham all top my list…

    Thanks for holding the musical door open for us. It’s been wonderful getting to know you…I’m looking forward to seeing some Creek now!

    -the “J”

    ps. Hi to Dave!!

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