So, was my first question even a fair question?  I suppose there could be some people who could comment and say, “Dude, the blog sucks, give it up,” but it’s highly unlikely that someone would do that.

However, the feedback from the other question is extremely helpful.  I received some verbal feedback from people close to me as well.  I think the idea of categories would be okay as long as it didn’t change the default format of the blog, and only provided away to filter entries toward specific topics.  I’ve fought changing the Max Creek Forum to a threaded format for years because I like the community spirit of a single thread, and I want to have that kind of spirit with this blog.

So, I’m going to experiment a little with categories, but only if I can keep the main view as it is.  Plus, I like that most of my entries cover multiple categories anyway.

I also wanted to add another gross little memory about the Toronto show.  It had been raining all day and all evening and although it was rather cool, it was unbelievably humid.  I can’t remember sweating so much at a show since the old 120 degree living room shows a few years ago.

At the end of the set, my shirt was as wet as if I’d taken a shower wearing it!  Gross!

I also wanted to shout out to my new Canadian sister, Meghan Feldman. 🙂