Quick Questions

I have two more shows to blog about.  Because I’m not pressed for time, these entries will be more detailed, like Oh Canada (part deux) was.  Then I thought I’d go back and add details to some of the earlier posts.

Asia says that I should keep the blog going, and maybe talk about Creek shows, or other shows.  Others have also expressed interest in keeping it going.  I really enjoy the journaling aspect of doing the blog, so I would like to keep it going.  I was thinking of expanding it into other categories, and maybe create specific categories for guitar, performance, singing, writing, recording, gear, etc.

My questions are, should I keep it going it all?  And if so, what would be of interest to write about?


38 thoughts on “Quick Questions

  1. I’m with Asia. My vote is to keep it going!!! It’s a favorite daily read… and if it’s not daily, keep it going anyways. As far as content… I think it’s important for you to write about whatever is on your mind. Some details may be of less interest to one reader or another, but as a friendly fan, I love to read how it all ties together. Guitar playing, song writing, cab rides, coffee preference… personally, it brings me even closer to the “music.” }:{

  2. Keep it going man. as far as Creek related topics why a song is played or not played in forever. The creative process in writing Chains of life ( I think you told me you worked on it for like 7 years )Any new stuff you are writing. Your personal feelings on Creek Family. Some more input on that Hot Chocolate place. I think we need one out here. The process of rebuilding Camp Creek for this year or not rebuilding it. Any thoughts on a new Creek album or the old ones.Any input on your favorite old Creek venues and current ones. Also I would like to hear a story or ten.

  3. PLEASE keep it going…I have been checking it regularly and my mood lifts when I see a new entry. I agree w/Miss Meliss ~ I like to hear it all. It truly does bring us closer to the music :O)

  4. If you dont keep it going were going to throw things at you at the next Creek show…seriously cool to read your insights about what your hearing in your head and I was intrigued by your travel stories. Or maybe I was just jealous. Keep it going!

  5. I concur, keep it going but don’t feel like you have to be slave to it and “have to” post something. Keep it fun for yourself. One request – don’t let the Creek go dry. When you guys are firing on all pistons, there’s not much out there that comes close to what MC has going.

  6. i really enjoyed u bringing us with u on the x~perience, so consider me 1 vote to keeping it going

    as for categories…if u’d dig it, do it.

    i have enjoyed the freeflowing style of the posts so far…like time and space naturally inspired the content. : )

  7. Definately keep it going and do it however you feel . That way u can get some “creative” feedback.Some stories would also work.

  8. keep it going! it’s been great to read & learn about everything on tour. write about whatever’s interesting to you at the moment-keep it up, it’s great!!!

  9. All your categories are totally of interest to me–but really I’ve been enjoying the flow of your writing. It doesn’t feel forced, just really nice and easy. Similar to your guitar style (imo). So yeah, I say just write about what YOU want to and who cares what we want! What you have to say is what matters…I like both the really geeky guitar talk (meter, time sigs, keys, etc.); the thoughts and feelings of playing live (your response to the music and process); and most especially what’s going on in your life. Thanks for a killer tour, btw. Really enjoyed it all. It’s always fun to see what you pick up on tour…

  10. i really enjoy hearing about the process, like watching a chef, or carpenter, or a painter, the creative prosess makes the final product so much more !
    i cant go on tour with you, when im at a show i dont go backstage, and i havnt sat down and drank with you.
    so this is my chance to peak inside…much thanks
    every thursday at the agora ballroom 83,,,,tj

  11. Would love to see this continue to happen; thanks for asking.

    Write what moves you. No categories necessary; that may inhibit flow. (And oh, how we must avoid inhibitions…)

    Have fun.

  12. keep it up if you are enjoying it, I have certainly enjoyed reading the posts. I am really happy for you that after all these years you are getting a chance to live the life, all the pleasure your music has given us it seems only fair :)Thanks for taking along for the ride!

  13. I too say keep it going. The blog (so far) that I have enjoyed reading the most was about when Mike asked you what you thought the band should work on, and then went on to discuss the exercises you all did to work on dynamics. Thanks for the great reads.

  14. As mentioned above, Creek shows and everyday life would be good.

    Also what inspires you as an artist, in the past and now/future. I always find it fascinating to learn who and what other artists are into, what helps them tick. Whether it be a book they read in the past or now, musician, something in everyday life etc.

  15. if it feels obligatory don’t do it. if you enjoy it half as much as we do, then keep on keepin on!!

    creek content would be nice (of course). like your thoughts on playing with mmmmark after the gordon run … is this a good precursor to returning to creek, a way of dialing it ‘back in’ so to speak?

    food, wine, coffee. favorite places you’ve traveled to, places you’d like to go. what happened in ’75. the techy stuff that demonstrates just how amazing your mind operates.

    s’all good. bring it!

  16. Yea! I vote to keep it going. Like everyone said if you enjoy doing it then you should continue. Love reading your blog Scott. And you should write what you feel, music, food, drink, company you keep 🙂

  17. Absolutely keep it going…..as far as categories, whatever you want…I think that is the most interesting part of it. I just enjoy hearing from my favorite guitar slinga’.

  18. I hope you are able to find the time and energy to keep the blog going. We are all so proud of you and happy to see that you are finally getting some wider recognition. The blog is a way for us to share in some of that and to feel connected. Thanks for hanging in there for so long and bringing the music to us. As the song goes, “The Creek must stay!”

  19. I’m with Asia 100%. I know sometimes its hard to sit down and write but if you are enjoying the process keep it going. Remember to write for yourself and not an audience (or a little of both). Your a performer and already give us a lot thru the music 🙂

    I cant think of a better way to journal what you are experiencing when on tour with Mike or BK3 or performing with Creek or DQ or just enjoying a great meal or one of those chocolate coffee concoctions in a cool coffee bar.

    You’ll always be able to go back to this blog and review your own thoughts on shows or songs. And it will be pretty cool how songs progress from those first train wreck attempts of say Sugar Shack to when you nail it!!!

  20. X – by all means bro! Stories about the “Forgotton years” 🙂 funny ones, crazy ones, sad, funny! Dude you write well, we love ya, so it all makes sence!
    How about your favorite, camp story, woodies, the agora etc

  21. I enjoy reading about your relationship with music, even if 95% of it is over my head. If you keep it up, I will continue to read 🙂

  22. I think that in some ways (but not all), making categories could sterilize your expression…like, if you are discussing a performance, and you recall an issue with your equipment that had impact, or you did an experiment with structure and form , you might feel inclined to omit it from that performance post and place it elsewhere . I like the cerebralness of putting it down as it comes out , since that is how I think …But aside from that , you’re a good read, it’s not dry . Whatever you feel compelled to share . :)..feedbackwise, I would like to hear more on Recording , Singing , and Gear . Anyways, cool to hear of your experiences on this tour. 🙂

  23. Chiming in late-ish here but I, too, vote for keeping it… remember it’s your mode of expression – so if the categorization works for you – do it – if it interrupts your flow – don’t… the owness is on the reader to find what they like – not you to provide it… continue it for as long as you find pleasure in it and if it comes to feel like an obligation driven by anyone but yourself, stop… like “ur dog” said… “if it feels obligatory don’t do it. if you enjoy it half as much as we do, then keep on keepin on!!” Thanks for what you’ve shared to date… I completely enjoy reading it… and I’m glad to hear it may be continued on…

    :::CHEERS::: to you and yours!

  24. Scott,
    Please keep the blog going! I really enjoy your writing and your unique perspective on things. I think it would be fantastic if you kept it going in some capacity, but whatever format you decide on should be something that will keep you interested in doing it frequently so that it remains fun and fresh for you.

    It’s been really fun for me to get a peek at life on the road again. Since I left to live in New Zealand last year (actually, a year and three days since my arrival!) I have done a lot of reflecting on the time i spent playing & travelling in bands. It’s really inspiring for me to read about your experiences on this tour.. I’m reminded to keep playing my guitar and exploring music in all the ways i can think of. So, even without a band to speak of down here, I’ve got a new motivation to keep playing and writing in any capacity

    also, keep writing about all the great foods and desserts you discover while on tour- Its like behind the music meets the food channel! Far out!!!

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