I just took the most interesting walk.  Some of us went out to a couple clubs with a promoter up here and afterward I needed a convenience store, so I started walking at around 4 AM to find an open store.  It took me about 12 blocks.  On the way back I saw the CN Tower in the distance and decided I had to get next to it, the way I used to at the World Trade Centers.  It was cool.  It was good alone time and intensity-in-a-dark-city kind of thing.  Like standing next to the Twin Towers, it’s dizzying standing next to the CN Tower.

Throughout the walk, there were lots of homeless sleeping in the middle of sidewalks, on top of the subway grates, for warmth I’m assuming.  I saw who I think was a man of the cloth driving around in a Hummer, stopping to leave a hot cup of coffee and two breakfast sandwiches next to each, and maybe leaving an extra blanket as well.

I only had three hours of sleep last night, each hour taken separately throughout the day.  Zzzzz…  More about the day off later.  I had to get the walk documented.