Go Bengals!

Ok, a quick update.  The Cincinnati show was at the 20th Century Theater.  When we first started playing the room sounded cavernous.  There was a ton of echo in the room that made it hard to hear what was going on on stage, but after a couple songs it settled down and I could hear.

The energy from the crowd was awesome and fueled two of the smoothest sets we’ve ever played.  The transitions between songs were amazing.

Afterward we went to Habits, a bar across the street from the theater.  We had some fun hanging with the locals, and I had a couple of friends up from Athens, OH who were there and we all had a great time!

Rachel Bischoff is our guitar/bass tech and she had changed the strings on the Languedoc for me and polished it as well.  The thing looks beautiful!  Thanks Rachel!

I have more to write about, but not now.  I have thoughts about how quickly the time is going by and how this blog is helping to keep it all straight in my memory.  I’ll write about that tomorrow.

Now it’s time for a little nap before our show.  Today’s question:  If you could make a new career for yourself out of one of your hobbies, which hobby would you pick?


28 thoughts on “Go Bengals!

  1. Well…… I just started playing ice hockey so that would be a cool career, but a short one. There’s always the drumming thing. I know…… a bass roadie for Bosco.

  2. channel, author, singer : )
    that question was EZ, since kyle turned 21 and graduated friday, i’m completely free to go in any direction that captivates my focus. that exact question has been the main occupation of my thoughts these daze, well that, and the yard sale i’m having this weekend
    ; b ((brilliantdistractions))
    thx for the blog!

  3. A movie Producer… a Supreme Court Justice… a Medium… perhaps I’ll keep on drumming just to be in your next band! haha. (; Ummmmm… I need to think this out a bit. May I get back to you?

  4. considering how much poker i have played, full time poker pro is not on my list. I have no desire to hang around full-time with degenerate dishonest smelly people. They may be a lower life form then wookies.

    So I guess it would be: Paid book/music reviewer.

  5. well- a hobby, by definition, is a pursuit outside one’s regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation.

    personally speaking … by turning the hobby into a career choice it may very well no longer provide said relaxation. : /

    having said (all) that. if i could guarantee it would stay relaxing then i would be a fitness coordinator something-or-other with the majority of activities taking place out-of-doors.

  6. Do you know my e-mail password? I just wrote a friend saying that I’d love to be a motivational speaker. A life cheerleader, if you will, but that’s because I suck at candle making.

  7. The hobby would be partying of course. Some times I think about getting a mobile catering truck and doing festies all year. Or if they recreational legalize in Vegas going there and opening a Heady Bakery.

  8. painter, about to have a mid-career retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art. but i do love my day job … guiding hurt and scared people along the edge of their hurt and fears, face it all full-on and survive. freakin’ awesome!

    how ’bout you?

  9. Most days (notwithstanding today, which sucked) I like my job a lot and wouldn’t trade it for anything. The hours are a little rough. However i do love to travel… the further away, the better. And i love photography. I would love to practice one day in a third world country helping bridge the gap to the most medically underserved. Then i would take cool exotic National Geographic-style snapshots of the people & scenery when i’m not working. Outside of that… hmmm. I felt very inspired on a recent trip by our dive instructor, who was once a corporate go-getter in NYC, and who woke up one day and just left the whole rat race behind to teach diving off a tropical island. The view from her new office was simply unforgettable.

  10. I would own and run a Pub with great food and live music of course. If that didnt pan out Id love to play acoistic guitar for a career. If that didnt work would love to do anything in the music industry which could include being a critic. If I were to critique X, Id say he has developed his own unique style and is uncomparable to any other guitarist Ive heard. Since Ive been listening to X since the late 70’s all I can say is that I am “WOWED” at his progression and formation of what I truly believe to be one the best guitarists out there today. The rest of the USA is finally getting a taste. Rock ON!

  11. and by the Way I was born in Cincy and was a huge Bengal Fan when they lost to the 49ers in the superbowl in 81, 82? Ken Anderson rings a bell. Hope you had Skyline Chili!

  12. Easy. A Musician where I could make living at it instead of playing honky tonks & moose lodges on the weekends. But hey, that’s fun and beats TV!

  13. Oh and if I could make a new career for myself, it would be rock n roll photojournalist and lady of leisure.


  14. kudos to Rachel for the polished axe..nothing as distracting as watching a guitarist and seeing dozens of prints all across the body !!

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