Not catching up just yet…

So, yeah, I’m way behind.  I know.  I was totally under the weather the past few days and was sleeping chance I could.

Quickly, the Memphis show was cool.  It was in a very large place, and at first, it was totally empty and we were concerned about it being cavernous, but it filled up pretty quick, and they had used temporary walls to reduce the size of the room.  It ended up being a great show!

Nashville has always been one of my favorite cities.  The strip of honky tonks downtown is a great place to see amazing musicians just about any time.  Mike and I walked the strip before the  show and had fun having lunch with my friend Jeff Pitchell who we ran into on the street.

We had two guests at the show that night.  Guthrie was a Nashville guitarist who is friends with Jeff Belote (the drummer from the 2003 Inide In tour) and he was crazy good!  With him we played White Freightliner and Swamp Music.

Then we had a surprise visit from Tara Nevins as well, and she came up second set to sing Peggy-O with us.  Wow.

We had a day off in Indianapolis, and Mike and I went to see some music and I think we were the only two people in there who weren’t in one of the bands.  Anyway, one of the bands took us to the neighborhood where our Vogue show was going to be the following night.  Cool neighborhood!  We went to a hookah bar, and we actually ordered a hookah.  I took quite a few puffs off of it, but didn’t run out for a pack of Marlboro the next day.  Whew.

The show at the Vogue was awesome!  The crowd was totally into it, and we had one of the girls from the band the night before come up and sing a really vibey version of the Beatles’ I Want To Hold Your Hand.  We had watched a Daniel Lanois documentary the night before, or two nights before, and this girl’s version was slow, spacey, yet powerful, and we were all in that zone.  It was a highlight.

It was also Tom Cleary (keyboards)’s birthday and we surprised him on stage with a cake and a gift later on.  Fun!!

Ok.  I know these are quick updates and not as detailed as the prior entries.  I’m going to get back to more regular blogging after this, but I’m thinking of changing the flavor a little bit.  We’ll see.

Anyway.  I’m back and no longer under the weather.

We are about to go on and play one of my favorite rooms, Park West in Chicago.  I love this town!  I love this room!

More later…


6 thoughts on “Not catching up just yet…

  1. Glad to read you are back with it. Please say a special hello to Chicago, “my old home town”

    Looking forward to reading more about whatever, whichever way the direction of your blog takes on or off.

    Stay well

  2. While in Chi-town, check out Buddy Guy’s place Legends on 754 Wabash. The Buddy burger is great, music ain’t too bad either 😉

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