A Lot Of Rich People…

… in Birmingham!  Wow.  We had a great show there!  Oteil and Jess were there, which was awesome and intimidating at the same time.

Mike had asked me a couple days prior if there was anything about the band I would change.  I came to him a couple days later and said I’d like to see more dynamics (volume changes) in the music.

So prior to the show, we did a couple of jam exercises (we do these often) that revolved around dynamics.  First, we played Follow The Leader, where one member would control the volume of the band.  And then finally, we did an “eyes closed” exercise where we all followed the natural dynamics of the jam.

This made a huge difference in the way the jams and solos went.  I’d venture to say that during the first set we almost overdid it.  (Or maybe we were nervous with Oteil leaning over the rail listening attentively.)

But second set was amazing.  It had everything.  We got loud, we got soft.  We were complicated, then simple.  It was one of my favorite sets so far.

On the bus the night before, we worked out vocal harmonies to Gillian Welch’s Time The Relevator, and we spent the break running the vocals over and over.  So when we opened the second set with it, it was totally under our belts, and it was deep.  The vocals were gorgeous and the jams went way in and way out at the same time.

Afterward, we hung out at the club drinking with some locals, and then started the drive to Memphis.

Yesterday, we had a day off in Memphis.  I’ve never been here before and this was one of the one’s I was looking forward to.

Memphis is on the Mississippi River, and I’m told that it used to be a stop on the way from the deep south to Chicago.  As a result, there are a ton of blues clubs in town.  There is one street, Beale Street, that is like a mini New Orleans where they close off the ends of the street, and you can walk from bar to bar with your drink.  We saw a couple of bands (it was really dead down there last night) and ate some good barbeque.

Tonight we play Minglewood Hall.  It’s a nice room with a very large stage and large sound absorbant curtains hanging in the back.  Rachel bought an oriental rug for my side of the stage which also helps too.  Sound check sounded great in there, and the room was empty.  It only gets better with people in the room.

Today’s question:  What cover song would you like to see our band perform?  We’re always looking for interesting material.  Oh, and we started learning another of my originals today.  Of course I can’t tell you which one!!!!


36 thoughts on “A Lot Of Rich People…

  1. My personal pick for you is Phish’s First Tube. For MGB I have some picks from a bunch of genre’s:

    Cosmic Highway: Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade
    Mountain Jam – Allman Brothers Band (that would be sick)
    Pigs – Pink Floyd (trippy)
    One Nation under a Groove – Funkadelic –
    Pump It UP – Elvis Costello – I can see Mike’s head bobbing now!!!

  2. Since you are traveling north to Chicago from Memphis, in memory of the 25th anniversary of Steve Goodman’s passing, city of New Orleans. Or any tune from Chicago’s Buddy Guy.


    Phil (Chicago)

  3. Beale street is usually happening lots of kool people bouncing from bar to bar listening to grate music.
    Seen Grateful Dead numerous times in Memphis always camping in the steel tent just off Beale street Memphis is always a kool scene

    Have Fun

    Phil (Chicago)

  4. King of the World by Steely Dan. That would be a wild left fielder and you guys have all the talent to do it righteous and take it to an amazing place.

  5. Led Zeppelin: Whole Lotta Love

    Lionel Richie: All Night Long

    Sly & the Family Stone: I Want to Take You Higher

    The Band: King Harvest

  6. Riding the Storm Out by REO Speedwagon. That tune rocks and would be a killer set closer. Great guitar riffs and bass lines as well.

  7. gosh, what hasn t mike played?? the list goes on forever and we always want more, so hm, maybe ‘gimme more’ by britney spears? 🙂 ok, maybe ‘more’ nat king cole (was he the original on that one?) or just simply more rap yo. ‘signed sealed delivered’ stevie wonder, i could picture that on e with tom on vocals, see now this is turning into a list..always wanted to hear ‘doing it anyway’ and mike with a stand up bass..and….

  8. Curious if you have heard of of this tune “Fast as I Can” by—-James McMurtry…i think the harmonies in the chorus would be cool as shit and it sounds like an easy song to play (coming from a real basic chord playing guitarists)

    Did you say BBQ? Memphis? Did you see Elvis?

    Here are the lyrics:

    He was a drinking man
    with a guitar problem
    Didn’t have a dollar to his name
    He didn’t seem to mind it all that often
    He mostly took whatever came
    And if it came too late,
    or it came to nothing
    He’d swear beneath his breath
    There’s gotta be something to it
    There’s gotta be something to it

    She lost her mind and she never missed it
    Folks all said she’d never learn
    She’d take the path of least resistance
    Right to the point of no return
    Apprehended on occasion, got off easy every time

    Said there’s gotta be something to it,
    Something to it
    Don’t know why else somebody’d
    Want to go through it

    When your nights are getting colder
    Restless as the wind
    I’ll be comin over
    Fast as I can,
    Fast as I can

    Well, he had some lines
    but he never used ’em
    She didn’t need much talkin’ to
    And he thought he’d died
    and gone to Houston
    By the time the dawn burned off the dew

    And they lit right up
    Like roman candles
    Like fire and gasoline
    There must’ve been something to it,
    Somethin to it
    They didn’t mess around,
    They just had to get right to it

    When your nights are gettin colder
    Restless as the wind
    I’ll be comin over fast as I can, fast as I can

    So for a while they carried on like rabbits
    They’d disappear for days and nights
    You might say they learned
    each other’s habits
    You might say that became their life

    And life wasn’t long
    Life wasn’t easy
    Life wasn’t cheap,
    Life wasn’t fair
    And there might have been something to it,
    Something to it

  9. hmmmm…..cover songs. Commander Cody- Roll Yer Own. Blue Oyster Cult-Transmaniacon MC Yes-Time and Word or how bout Mott the Hopple-All the Young Dudes…OK one more Queens- Fat Bottom Girls. Thats it. And when you play htis one make sure you tell ’em Jdog told you so.

  10. I think some GD would be nice….why not? We need to hear more of them from professional such as yourselves. 🙂 Maybe a nice crispy UJB–>Playin. That would be an immaculate surprise.

    To add onto one of my previous posts re: making-up in Chicago, please please, La-La-La!

    So it might go something like this, for Katz (Andrew): Sugar Shack –> Radar Blip –> Meat –> La La La.


    See you Friday…and really looking forward to it.

  11. Scott, great blog man! So good to hear you’re doing well and enjoying the tour..

    Interesting covers..hmmm…

    I’d love to hear you guys try “Bernadette” by the Four Tops. Its got the greatest bassline ever written 😉

    Or Otis Redding “You Made A Man Outta Me”

    Have you guys tried any Neil Young? I used to love playing “Everybody Knows This is Nowhere” with ScarecrowCollection.

    be well!
    cheers from New Zealand,

  12. Santana Featuring Chad Kroeger – Into The Night
    Can’t sit still when this plays!

    ALSO, was out recently and the DJ played Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover. All the 20-somethings jumped up and ran to the dance floor and boogied their butts off. I was surprised.

  13. Looking forward to next week in Ann Arbor. Thanks for asking for input!

    Off the Record by My Morning Jacket
    Come on Baby Let’s Go Downtown or Cowgirl in the Sand by Neil Young
    Sausalito by Conor Oberst
    She Belongs to Me by Bob Dylan
    People Lead by Ben Harper with Juan dropping bombs.
    The Michigan Fight Song 🙂

    Safe travels, keep well and enjoy the journey.

  14. You didn’t do Graceland?

    So hard not to put up a long list. Here’s just a few, after agonizing over a (much) longer list:

    King Crimson — 21st Century Schizoid Man
    I think you guys could do it justice

    Decemberists — Sons and Daughters
    One of the few songs of theirs that stands on its own.

    Cake — I Will Survive
    Love this cover version, esp. the bass line. Listen to it if you haven’t heard it.

    Stevie Ray Vaughan — Couldn’t Stand the Weather
    or anything else of his

  15. On the longer list was another fun tune:
    The Vapors — Turning Japanese

    And now I see that you played it with DQ earlier this year. Thanks, archive.org!

  16. “Pigs” would be awesome. “Sheep” would be sick too. A Floyd tune would sound great with Mike’s super fatty base sound and your shreddin. And a big fat quad set up. And lasers. You don’t “have” to get the giant inflatable pig but it would be nice.

  17. Wow. Quite a few good covers listed already. My vote:

    “Song of Love” – Stephen Stills Manassas. Really anything off the album. You have the band to do it. Jet Set is pretty rocking too!

  18. So many good covers mentioned already. My vote:

    “Song of Love”- Stephen Still Manassas. Well, anything off the album. You have the band to do it.
    “Jet Set” would rock it!

  19. 157 riverside avenue by REO add extra jam/trade off between piano,bass,drums and guitar (follow the leader like you said)you all could kill it/make it your own.

  20. Hey X, Ever since I heard George Thorogood’s Gear Jammer, I thought you’d kill it…great slide guitar material! I’d want to see it though 🙂

    Hope all is well. I love the blog. Can’t wait to see you NYE with the Creek.


  21. It has been leaked that the next Murawski tune on MGB tour is:

    “Hi, Im from New Britain (ooh ooh ooh Oh yeah!)”

    I always thought that you (Scott) would do a kickass cover of Elton John’s “Honky Cat”

  22. Gillian Welch – Still House (since your doing a tune of hers already)
    Your Tune – 10 to 1 (has some nice holes for the percusiion to fill)
    Rodney Crowell – I Ain’t living long like this (can see you or Mark give this one a kick ass Max Creek treatment as well)
    Peter Rowan – Freedom Walkabout
    Dire Straights – Once upon a time in the west

  23. heck yeah I’ll recommmend a cover…

    “Give Me The Night” by George M’fn’ Benson!

    No one covers that song…and it slams!

  24. yay, an x original! : )
    ummm..i was really inspired by the coldplay original u did. listened to whole coldplay cd its on (which i hadn’t done in months) while i was driving to wormfest.

  25. Love your blog Scott . Glad to see you’re having fun out there .

    I can never turn down a request for song ideas. 🙂

    Dark Star by Crosby Stills Nash–CSN
    One of These Days–Pink Floyd

    The Mavericks – Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down

    It would be a hoot if you ran a rhythm base loop and then layered onto it with midi horn work . That would be a blast .

    Big Jilm — Ween

    Iron Horse—Merle Saunders and Friends

    This instrumental could just be a nice jam to segue to another tune with.

    Stand –Sly Stone / Me and Baby Brother — War
    The end of Stand perfectly segues to M&BB.

    Cabin Down Below–Tom Petty

    Something a lil different anyways…

    The King Crimson idea above caught my eye , it would definitely have an interesting dynamic.
    Happy trails .

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