Freebird Live actually.  We had another great show last night.  The first set was especially good for me.  The club was small, intimate, with a small stage, and it was packed.  It was hot and humid, which I love, and we churned out rock and roll all night long.

At sound check, we learned Mike’s song, The Beltless Buckler, an interesting, almost ballad like tune from his Inside In CD, and we played it second set.

Second set was LOUD last night.  (What?)  I have this technique of closing up my ears that I use when I play.  You know that feeling when you yawn and your ears pop open?  I can do the opposite and close them up.  I use this quite a bit because when things get too loud, I can’t distinguish pitch, and it makes it very hard to sing.  So, if you see me grab my nose right before I sing, I’m probably closing up my ears!

So yes, it was a loud rock and roll show last night to be sure!

Before the show, Mike and I walked around the neighborhood for a bit, and I met up with my very old friend, Carrie, who my song Carrie was written about.

Afterward, we met the owner of the club, Judy, who is Ronnie Van Zandt’s widow.  She’s very sweet and appreciated that we did Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Swamp Music.

Today’s band member:  Craig Myers.  Craig is our percussionist, and he’s the youngest member of the band.  He’s got great energy and great talent.  He’s taken a number of extended trips to Africa where’s he’s lived with the musicians over there, and learned their language and culture, and learned to build and play their instruments.  He’s got a great sense of rhythm and adds a youthful energy to everything we do.  He also plays the gnoni, an West African stringed instrument that he made himself.  We play a couple of tunes written specifically for this instrument.  I love it because it’s tuned to kind of a Gm pentatonic scale, and we play songs in C with it, so it gives it a very modal feel.

There were some great answers to yesterday’s questions!  Thanks!  The correct answer for #1 was -4.  However, I think all the answers I saw were correct.

Today’s question has to do with nightly rituals.  I’ve got my bus ritual down where before I go to bed I put my glasses, cell phone, and Ian’s ipod touch in my bunk, go have a snack and a drink, then climb into the bunk and either listen to Pandora on the itouch, or watch some TV on the itouch.  My bunk has a DVD player attached to the ceiling, but I haven’t taken advantage of that yet.

Anyway, today’s question is:  what’s your last ritualistic thing you do right before bed?  Oh, come on… you can tell us!!