Sir Walter…

Well, first my apologies to any who were looking for a blog update yesterday.  We had our day off in Raleigh, but our hotel internet connection was not being cooperative.  I had wanted to put up some pictures and whatnot, but not from the coffee shop.

The day off was great.  I think I spent five hours in that coffee shop, The Morning Times.  It was nice and relaxing, and Mike joined me there after a while.

After that, Mike and I went out to eat, and then we took a cab over to the Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro to check out Son Volt.  It was pretty good and we knew the pedal steel/keyboard player, Mark Spencer.

It’s nice to hang in a place for a while and then play a show there.  I really got to explore the neighborhood around the venue, the Lincoln Theater.  I had gone back to the Morning Times coffee shop when I got a call from Mike about playing on the local radio station.  I walked to the venue and Mike and I were driven to WBBB studios where we did an acoustic version of Dig Further Down and then a short interview.

We got back and did a sound check (rehearsal) and went to a Mexican place for dinner.   Then I went back to Morning Times for one last mocha latte before the gig.

When we went on, I was really relaxed (maybe from the Corona I had with dinner) and comfortable.  We opened with Dig Further Down, having just played it on the radio.

The night went pretty well.  There were good jams that went interesting places.   We do a version of my song Cruel World except that we’ve added these hits in the beginning, in the middle, and at the end.  We kind of train wrecked the middle pretty badly.  Sometimes when you screw things up, the band knows, but the audience doesn’t.  This one was bad enough, I think everybody knew.  Oh well.  Even train wrecks are fun.

But, we did Sugar Shack and NAILED it.  It was the best version yet.

After the show, we partied on the bus for a bit with some locals.  Mike had the K-oscillator in the back and we were jamming back there!  Fun!

Tonight, we’re in Asheville at the Orange Peel.  I’ve always heard such great things about this town.  Mike and I did some exploring.  We had breakfast at a place that served great food, both vegan and not, and then we went to French Broad’s Chocolate Lounge.  OMFG.  I had a hot liquid raspberry truffle.  We went back there after dinner and I had another.  The cayenne cinnamon liquid truffle was also over the top.  The best chocolate experience of my life.

Today’s question:  what’s your favorite form of chocolate?  I think I’ve found mine!


14 thoughts on “Sir Walter…

  1. Scott, Thanks for all the great detail. As a fan frm the Agora days it is really nice to see you getting down w Mike (Bill K too) what can I do to get you out to San Francisco?!

  2. Hey…if you think about it, would you ask Mike what kind pf wood his Modulus body top is made of. Walnut I’m guessing? Thanks. See ya in a couple weeks….eh??

  3. Hot dark chocolate lava cake J Lohr Cab Sav Hot dark chocolate lava cake J Lohr Cab Sav repeat process until desired effect.

  4. chocolate with a soft to liquid element, like Lindors Swiss milk chocolate with a soft chocolate center. Your cayenne comment reminds me of Dinosaur BBQs cocoa – made with a dusting of cayenne pepper YUM. May have to check out that new chocolate bar in town.

  5. lindt dark chocolate truffles are an old standby. can eat them like potato chips :)…. I make a killer chocolate espresso cheescake that is ridiculouly delish and can keep you up all night. And cant forget phish food ice cream with the little chocolate phishies and marshmallow swirl in chocolate ice cream

  6. Hey Scotts – Just checked out your blog. Good stuff old friend. Hmmm – still having probs trying out those in-ears? Do you have ambience mikes fed into your PMS mix? Try a pair of L/R condensers pointed toward the audience by the PA cabs on each side. Especially in stereo, it not only helps give you some audience feel, but can helps fill in FOH depth on your guitar sound. Mm’s two cents.

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