I Can See Your House From Here

The State Theater in Falls Church was the fifth show of a five show run.  Things are very relaxed now and fun, and we had a blast last night.  I ended up sitting in with Reid for one song in his opening set, Honest Hour, one of my favorites by him.  Mike sat in on the next tune in his set, Back In Time by Gillian Welch.  Mike played guitar, and he killed it.  He’s a great player!

Then Reid sat in for a couple songs in our set.  First he sang the Allman’s Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More, and then he stayed up as we jammed into one of our last year’s staples, La La La.   There was a vocal jam at the end that was great fun.

All in all a great show.  I’d say it was the second best of the tour so far, for me.  For the encore, Mike called Sugar Shack, and I lost it on that ending thing a couple times, but overall it had great energy and was great fun.  Then we broke out Taking It To The Streets, the Doobies cover that we did quite a bit last year as well.  Fun.

A funny thing we did last night was we set up another bass cabinet on my side of the stage, and put another guitar amp on top of that.  None of it was being used.  It was merely to balance out the stage visually.  Shhh… that’s a production secret!

After the show, we went to the Beach Shack across the street and relaxed with a few drinks.  Very nice.

On the bus afterward, Mike was playing acoustic and we were singing a bunch of the tunes we had done acoustically last year.  It’s so much fun because the harmonies are sweet.  Most are bluegrass tinged, and so the vocals have that “lonesome” sound, mostly because there are a lot of 4ths and 5ths in them.

It’s a gorgeous afternoon here in Raleigh.  I write from Morning Times, a coffee shop around the corner from our hotel in Raleigh.  I’m upstairs because they have power outlets up here, and my PC battery life is about 12 minutes.  But there’s no air conditioning upstairs; just a fan.  Pretty warm up here.


8 thoughts on “I Can See Your House From Here

  1. Grate memories from MGB at the State last time around (07?). The Beach House sure had a nice grouper sandwich. You guys were enjoying a bit of dinner before the show as well. A little bit of Florida…which brings me to…Thanks for the blog. I have a ticket for Jax… wasn’t sure if I was up for the drive…but I’m in now. Can’t wait to hear what you each bring and see the slient giants behind your new amp. Enjoy your day!

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