So…  ok, first, last night was great!  It was a fun, playful kind of night.  We opened with Sugar Shack, which is a pretty challenging tune for me.  It was better in rehearsal, but it was ok.  There’s a guitar line at the end that’s in 9/8 for the most part, except for 1 measure of 4/4 right at the end.  It’s a pretty memorable melody, and so I kept teasing it the rest of the night.  I was also teasing tunes further down the list.  At one point I teased Couch Lady and Mike just went for it and we did the tune right there.

So, I tried the in-ear monitors at sound check.  Meh.  I’m going to keep trying them at sound checks until I’m comfortable with how they sound, but, it was just so dry sounding in there.  I didn’t like the way the guitar sounded especially.  But… it was great for the singing stuff.  I could hear my voice as clear as a bell.

Also in the sound department, I’m heading to a music store to get either a volume pedal, or a clean line boost pedal.  I’m using my graphic equalizer pedal as a boost for leads, but I want the eq on all the time I think, so I need some other method of controlling the volume.

After the show we went out to a club for a bit with some local friends.  Guinness!  Much fun was had!

Tonight we’re at the Bearsville Theater.  I’ve never been here.  This place is gorgeous!  What a nice room!  I can’t wait to play.

But for now, off to that music store!