Surprise Me Mr. Davis..

Davis Square that is.
I love the Somerville Theater!  The room has a great vibe to it.  Last night, it felt like the band was firing on all cylinders again.  Things were relaxed and flowing, with good jams and interesting directions being taken.

I thought the songs went well.  The set had a flow to it.  My song, “The Field” which had been played so fast the night before was at the perfect tempo.  About the only real “train wreck” was the Cold Play song.  We pulled into it at a tempo that was so unlike the original, and Todd had to change the drum beat, and, well, I didn’t think it worked, but that could be just me.

When we first started, it all seemed very *loud* to me.  I did my usual closing up of my ears technique and that helped.  I think it actually got louder as the night went on as well.  But no matter, things were flowing.

One problem I have with being that loud is that the Languedoc is a hollow body guitar, not even a semi hollow, so that it resonates and feeds back very easily.  And of course I have to turn it up during solos and jams, and so it feeds back even more during those sections.

For that reason, and also in the interest of preserving my voice, I’m going to try the in-ear monitors at sound check today.  Even though I wear headphones all the time at home, I’m wary of using them on stage.  I’m concerned about losing my perception of the dynamics of the band, and somewhat concerned about losing the connection to the other members of the band.  But I think it’s worth a shot.

Anyway, a few of us went out to Johnny D’s afterwards and tossed a couple back.  Great fun.

I write this from Starbucks in Portland.  I walked around Congress Street a little and took a couple of pictures (with Tom’s GPS in my pocket, of course).  It’s such a nice day up here.  Brisk but sunny and bright.  One of the best things about tour is checking out all the towns.  I’m starting to get into a ritual of waking up, finding a coffee shop nearby, writing some blog, walking around, taking pics, grabbing lunch and heading to sound check.

I still have another hour and half before sound check.  Hmm…


8 thoughts on “Surprise Me Mr. Davis..

  1. It was a real pleasure listening to and watching you guys last night. Scott, you have a real gift and it’s just fun to watch you use it. Wish I could write code like you play 🙂 Although I have nothing to compare it to, you guys seemed to be really in synch (no, no, not *that* band) last night. Everything was humming. Or maybe that’s just a side effect of what the trio in front of us was burning all night.

    The song that Mike said was from one of his mom’s albums I was wondering at the time if it was some obscure Pink Floyd tune I didn’t know. Somehow both Susan and I got that vibe. But on retrospect, Leonard Cohen fits. Just one that I’m not familiar with (and there are undoubtedly still quite a few in that category).

    I actually thought that it wasn’t too loud when the show started, but by the end of the night, my ears were pretty shot. I agree that it got louder as time went on. Sort of par for the course, though.

    Have fun on the rest of the tour!

  2. there is a fun little sushi joint somewhere within a block or two of the port city music hall if you are into that. I was unsuccessful at finding a decent cup of coffee in that city. Hope you had better luck!

    Glad to see The Field debut on the setlist.

    Safe travels~

  3. Hey Scott,

    You guys absolutely ripped it up last night. The show had a good mix of the quirky, odd-time signature numbers that are the essence of Mike, and some really great flowing tunes (The Field was a definite highlight for me). You had some incredible leads, by the way.

    The sound definitely got louder to the point where I was covering my ears to see if they were ringing. I was dead center and in the first few rows of the balcony, and the sound got shrill for a while there. ‘Not a complaint – just wanted you to know you weren’t imagining things.

    I’ve been seeing you at Creek shows since I was 13 or so (Grew up in Simsbury) and I’m a huge fan of Mike’s so seeing you guys onstage more these days is a great treat. Have a great tour and keep having fun!

  4. P.S., I actually thought the Coldplay cover ended up being one of the best jams of the night. I was laughing when you guys went into it, but then I started to listen, and I think it ended up being much better than the original (for what it’s worth). A note-for note, beat-for-beat version would have been cringe-worthy, but you guys made it your own, for the better.

  5. That’s cool that you are playing “The Field”. The first time I saw you play about 22 years ago that was the song that made me realize I had found something truly extraordinary. Looking forward to seeing youz guyz in Buffalo.

  6. Hey man….. really digging the blog reports. I caught some of the “speed Field” on youtube and thought it was cool. Little bit of a different spin on the song. Plus, I liked the extended jam in the middle with the keys solo as well….. the youtube clip cut out there but I thought it sounded good. I thought you guys played it that way on purpose to change it up a bit for Gordon’s band. Funny to find out it wasn’t supposed to be that way. Probably the drummers fault. Damn drummers. Make sure you don’t over play it before you get to Buffalo because it will be on everyone’s request list.

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