Davis Square that is.
I love the Somerville Theater!  The room has a great vibe to it.  Last night, it felt like the band was firing on all cylinders again.  Things were relaxed and flowing, with good jams and interesting directions being taken.

I thought the songs went well.  The set had a flow to it.  My song, “The Field” which had been played so fast the night before was at the perfect tempo.  About the only real “train wreck” was the Cold Play song.  We pulled into it at a tempo that was so unlike the original, and Todd had to change the drum beat, and, well, I didn’t think it worked, but that could be just me.

When we first started, it all seemed very *loud* to me.  I did my usual closing up of my ears technique and that helped.  I think it actually got louder as the night went on as well.  But no matter, things were flowing.

One problem I have with being that loud is that the Languedoc is a hollow body guitar, not even a semi hollow, so that it resonates and feeds back very easily.  And of course I have to turn it up during solos and jams, and so it feeds back even more during those sections.

For that reason, and also in the interest of preserving my voice, I’m going to try the in-ear monitors at sound check today.  Even though I wear headphones all the time at home, I’m wary of using them on stage.  I’m concerned about losing my perception of the dynamics of the band, and somewhat concerned about losing the connection to the other members of the band.  But I think it’s worth a shot.

Anyway, a few of us went out to Johnny D’s afterwards and tossed a couple back.  Great fun.

I write this from Starbucks in Portland.  I walked around Congress Street a little and took a couple of pictures (with Tom’s GPS in my pocket, of course).  It’s such a nice day up here.  Brisk but sunny and bright.  One of the best things about tour is checking out all the towns.  I’m starting to get into a ritual of waking up, finding a coffee shop nearby, writing some blog, walking around, taking pics, grabbing lunch and heading to sound check.

I still have another hour and half before sound check.  Hmm…