I <3 NY

Last night we played the first night of the tour in Brooklyn, The Music Hall of Williamsburg.  It was a good first night!  There were certainly rough edges, but there was great energy.  The show sold out, so we played to a packed house.

I was concerned because I’m using a tube amp for the first time with this band.  It’s a little Fender Vibrolux with two ten inch speakers.  It’s kind of funny compared to Mike’s bass rig, which has four 18 inch speakers and then some smallish speakers on top.  Mike said we need to get a bunch of fake Marshalls up there to even out the stage.  But the Vibrolux certainly worked.

Tom and Todd are both using in-ear monitors.  Todd used them last time out, but last night was Tom’s first try with them.  I think we’re all getting used to that aspect, since it changes how loud he is on stage.  I also brought a set of in-ears to try, but went with the wedges last night.

Marco Benevento opened for us.  I only caught a little bit of his set, but I love that guy and the way he plays.  And Joe Russo was there as well, so they both sat in.  That was great fun!

So, the first show is under our belts.  Somerville Theater is tonight.  I love this room, and it’s a hometown show.


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