Are you on the bus, or off the bus?

After an insane (but fun) weekend playing in Lenox with Max Creek (and Domino Theory), yesterday the bus picked us all up.  It went to Burlington VT first to pick up, well, nearly everybody except me, Todd (the drummer who lives in Brooklyn) and Mike (who has his own bus for the first leg of the tour).

And then it headed south towards the first show, Brooklyn, stopping in Springfield to pick me up.  My friend Dave drove me to  meet the bus in the middle of the night, and we hooked up with it at the Basketball Hall of Fame at around 4:30 a.m.

So, I made it onto the bus successfully!  Yay.  Today’s question, if you were going to be on a bus for a month, what would you bring?  It’s hard not to just pack everything!!

I woke up in my bunk in Brooklyn a short time ago, and grabbed some coffee.  I’m now cramming lyrics for all the new stuff into my head as we discuss tonight’s set list.


7 thoughts on “Are you on the bus, or off the bus?

  1. Having recently experienced a slightly different version of this (5 weeks in a mini-van!), I’d be bringing music (perhaps less important if I could create my own 😉 ), reading material, the internet (somehow…), cooler for beer if there isn’t one built-in, some means of making decent coffee (e.g. Perhaps a frisbee. Air freshener to deal with those other guys 🙂

  2. Next time you gotta hit Springfield, stop by Agawam. We can listen to some “reggae music” haha. Have a fun tour! See ya on Halloween.

  3. The bball HoF is separated from a Holiday Inn by a parking lot the size of 3 football fields. There is a security guard parked in front of the HoF in a car with a blinking yellow bubblegum light. We pull into the lot and park on the hotel side. 20 minutes later the tour bus shows up and parks in front of the hotel. The entire time we were loading Scott’s stuff onto the bus, the security guard would drive the entire length of the lot, circle the bus, and then drive back all the way back to the HoF. He must have done this at least 5 times. Finally, as the bus is leaving, the guard drives up to me and asks “Was that a rock band on tour ?”.

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